imagine if…

…….you could take your house with you when you move! This could be to another suburb, interstate or even overseas….down the coast or to your bush retreat

…….you could upscale or downscale your home as your needs evolve over the years, allowing you to stay within your community, to be close to amenities and services that you are familiar with

……you had the flexibility to sell parts of the house you no longer need, freeing up finances to spend on travel or lifestyle changes

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container homes

stack space shipping container homes are high quality, contemporary and sustainable.

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secondary residence

option to either have your converted shipping containers as an extension to an existing residence or as a stand alone secondary residence - this could be a holiday home, extra space to rent out or for use as a teenager space or parents retreat.


home office

need some extra room? shipping container offices have minimum impact for maximum space, either to buy or to rent,



manufactured in our factory in queanbeyan
shipped to wherever you need
4 weeks time on site (all done)
fully certified
engineered and built for living

our focus

In all of our projects Stack Space focuses on:

low-carbon footprint
to reduce waste, in manufacturing and into the future

contact us

want to know more about what we can do at stack space? talk to us today, or make an appointment to come and visit our showroom and factory.